I want to thank you for all of your help in selecting the perfect hearing aid. It has made a world of difference to Mom and her family. She can now hear things she has not heard in years. It has been a godsend that we found you. The work you do is very important not just to your clients but to their family and friends. I wish we would have found you sooner.

Kathleen -Fairview Park, OH

Earl Gentile has been caring for my hearing concerns for over 7 years. About three years ago I mentioned to Earl that every year without fail I would incur two significant earaches that were very painful and lead to the doctor's office and resulting prescriptions and expenses.

Earl suggested I try his process; after each shower or swim he puts an eyedropper of a 50/50 mix of isopropyl alcohol and white vinegar in each ear in order to prevent infection. You wait a few seconds and then turn your head and empty the ear. I am happy to report no earaches in three years. Thank you Earl!

-Mike- N. Olmsted, OH

Earl Gentile really knows his business and the right way to treat his patients. He takes a personal interest in ensuring that you have quality hearing aids that meet your needs and resolve your hearing issues. I have been to several other places and never received the thorough examination, hearing test and fitting that was provided by Earl. Even as a new patient, I was greeted as if I had been coming to see Earl for years. He was able to repair one hearing aid and had to fit me for a new hearing aid in the other ear. There was never any pressure to purchase high end products, but the focus was on your needs and what fit your budget. Earl answered all my questions in language that I understood – not doctor speak to just show what he knows. If you are looking for quality care and products, you must visit Earl Gentile Hearing Services.

Shirley -Rocky River, OH

For the past l0 years, I have experienced much grief due to the fact that I have been diagnosed with severe hearing loss in both ears.  I have had 2 types of digital hearing aids to try to recover whatever sound, and language could be afforded me – without much success.  This was until I discovered Earl Gentile Hearing Services.  Upon my very first visit they acted very professional and were knowledgeable as to what was causing my grief and immediately took steps to offer a very thorough hearing test which was followed by a type of hearing aid that would afford me not only better sound, but language deciphering.  All of these initial services are free of cost and they allow the patient a trial period to make certain that this is the product for them. There is no push to purchase and encourage the patient to be extremely satisfied before the final purchase is agreed upon. I have had these ReSound aids for 6 months now, and find I cannot function without them.  I enjoy each visit to this facility to have them check out the aids and fine tune them if necessary.  Upon my departure, I feel confident, comfortable and "in tune" with group conversations and church sermons. I would strongly encourage anyone who is experiencing hearing loss to visit Earl Gentile Hearing Services, I can assure you that you will not be disappointed.

Anne Marie – Avon, Ohio

Earl, I just felt I had to write you.  This second hearing aid, the Siemens Pure 300, has opened up  a whole new world for me.  I didn't even want the first one, but it helped a little bit.  I didn't even want to think about having "2" hearing aids.  Finally, I knew I had to do it.  Earl, you helped me so much with your knowledge and your genuine love of people and your desire to help people.  All of a sudden I'm hearing the tick of a clock in my office, I didn't even know the clock ticked.  Hearing so many birds and other nature sounds, MUSIC its all around you, all you have to do is listen.  Sometimes it is just admitting to ourselves that we need help.  I found that I didn't like joining in conversations or even being around people because I couldn't understand them. This new world I'm hearing is bringing much joy and happiness into my life.  Thank you…………Now I'm really exicted about turning in my first one to re-place it with another Pure 300.  I know more of the world will open up for me.

-Blessings, Corky Larsen

As I have grown older I have found that my hearing is not as good as it used to be. In fact, I really must have the help of two hearing aids in order to function out in the world.

For a number of years I have used hearing aids with great success.

In additon to the hearing aids, I take a Phonak loop to put on the podium when I go to church. This allows me to understand the sermon and also hear the choir.

At home, I use the loop in front of the televison sets. This way I can hear and understand the television throughout my apartment.

My hearing problems have been solved at Earl Gentile Hearing Services, Inc. I am sure that he can help you too! 

– Betty Keidel

For hearing aid services, I recommend Earl Gentile Hearing Services in Fairview Park, OH. Earl Gentile Hearing Services is a professional, knowledgeable and service-oriented company who listens carefully to each of their customers to offer the best hearing aid to fit their needs. I can say that Earl Gentile Hearing Services has helped me immensely so that I can now hear with clarity and enjoy life. For all of your hearing aid products, please see Earl Gentile Hearing Services Inc.

Jerry Hoye

Earl Gentile has been caring for my hearing and providing me with appropriate hearing instruments for the past fourteen years. I enthusiastically recommend him as an honest and painstakingly professional hearing specialist. 

O. W. W. – Lakewood, OH